Monday 12 June 2023

Smoque Burgers - Worli, Mumbai.

I have tried Smoque a couple times over the past year. The burgers feel average and the portion sizes are rather small. The “complimentary fries” work out to five to eight pieces per burger and packed with burger itself. I have had more fries from far more places than I can care to remember along with my sandwiches.

The Burgers I tried were :


BBQ Cheese Burger – The Menu picture looks significantly more loaded than the burger I received(See my picture) Thin layer of sausages with cheese sauce. Can use more sausage, Jalapenos and Lettuce. The flavor was a very generic crunchy chicken burger with a moderately cheesy overtone.


Rings of Fire Burger – Again the burger looks significantly lesser than what the menu suggests. Tomato strips instead of sliced tomatoes. And again a rather reduced Chicken patty. The onion rings and Peri Peri were fine but the burger probably needed more sauces. Felt quite dry. I actually ended up with clean hands.

If I could suggest improvements – Please increase your patty thickness, put more sauce, use better and fresher Burger buns , if you are including fries in the package – increase the quantity to a respectable amount. Improve the Value for money. A similar order from a Bandra/Dadar based Burger joint( which costs similar) fills the stomach and is far superior on all above-mentioned aspects. 


The Captain's Score : 4/10

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Delivery Kitchen, Worli