Monday 29 February 2016

The Daily Bar and Kitchen - Bandra West, Mumbai

"The roaring winds filled up me ears as I studied a new map. Legend has it that the mysterious blue compass will always point to the best dishes in the world. This compass was largely believed to be an old sailor's tale, until today. A sunken ship dating back several centuries suddenly resurfaced in front of us. While exploring this wreck, we discovered many ancient maps. 

Among them was a map, which had a route to...the blue Compass. The map however was incomplete and merely pointed us to a place which will provide us with next clue to this legend. We docked our ship in the port of a large island. A beautiful tavern stood at the place marked on this map. The next clue to the Blue compass was hidden somewhere inside. "

I have passed the Daily bar on several occasions oft wondering what exists behind its perimeter walls. Well, I finally got an opportunity to go behind those mysterious walls. This tavern has a small indoor area and equal sized al-fresco area. As I am not a fan of humidity, pollution and sounds of the busy road - I chose to go inside.

The ambiance feels classy despite the monochromatic themes. The drapes on the ceiling altered the light coming down creating zones of low and high luminosity. The effect of the variable light and the B&W themes created an atmosphere which was both comfortable and strangely mesmerizing.

I was greeted by the Assistant Manager Rohit Hegde. I requested him to suggest me a good course for the evening. And a good course he did suggest.

The Gypsy queen was an elusive beauty that played with my tongue, mind and senses. This whiskey based cocktail mixed with clove and cinnamon was infused with smoke from burning apple wood. The result was a cocktail with strange sensations. I could smell the apple wood with every sip that I took. The clove and cinnamon added a cooling high to the whiskey. The Whiskeys kick, the coolants and the apple smoke created a medley of emotions within me. The Captain recommends this grog. This Gypsy Queen made a Tipsy King out of me.

Smoked Barbecue Chicken Filo was an absolute delight. These slow roasted Chicken pastries with BBQ spices and sauce were a sweet juicy affair. The thin filo pastries provided an excellent crunch without becoming an impediment to the chicken experience. These were incredibly light as well. I gobbled up these in record time. I would probably come back for these someday.

Captain : These are incredibly good, Mmm.

Crewmate : Do you think that the clue could be hidden inside these pastries? Just like fortune cookies?

Captain : Only one way to find that out mate.

Drunken Prawns were flambeed with Anisette, draped in a creamy sauce and served with bread. These were good ol' prawns for a prawn lover. But as far as the fancy sounding additions go, I could not perceive anything different about these prawns. Maybe the enhancements produced too subtle a flavor.

Pulled Pork sliders were little burgers with loads of pork. The slow cooked pulled pork was drenched with BBQ sauce. I personally adore Pork with BBQ sauce hence I enjoyed these sliders very much. Each bite caused meat, jus and Scamorza to leak out. I think that these were some of the most generously made sweet and juicy sliders that I have ever come across. Small burger outside, Big messy burger inside.

Captain : Tasty, mmmm. Juicy mmmm.

Crewmate : Uh Cappy, why are we not looking for the hidden clue?

Captain : Well lad, I can't hunt clues on an empty belly. Can I now?

Crewmate : Sigh.

Smoked Scamorza emmental stuffed chicken sounded longer than a Power Ranger's battle cry. This chicken blob was stuffed with bacon and cheese. Upon cutting it, I was met with a flood of cheese which was meant to please. The dish had an amazing aroma too. A mixture of cheese, chicken and bacon is quite divine. The dish was very satisfying and its surprising to come across such good mains in a bar. The Daily bar thus earns its "And Kitchen." part.

Panna Cotta. Though not very creamy, this was a decent panna cotta. It was well set and plated in an artistic manner. It resembled a white island surrounded by a sea of orange juice and rosemary. The tangy and fragrant liquid augmented the flavor and made the entire dessert experience a very pleasurable one. It marked a flavorful and an apt end to the whole experience.

Captain: This drawing on the Panna cotta looks like a tree on a hill.

Crewmate : What of it?

Captain : I have seen it somewhere. (Removes map from coat) Over here! A place with a tree on a hill.

Crewmate : Sweet Poseidon.

Captain : Indeed, we now have our next mark. Saved by the dessert.

The service is professional and the main barkeep himself serves you your grog. The servers will explain your dish to you in case if you are wondering what that fancy sounding thing on the menu really is.

The pricing is on the higher side as compared to many pubs but the food's quality is remarkably higher as well. I have been to several pubs and on comparison, The Daily positively offers superior grub.

Good grog and grub covered. There was just one question left to be answered. The Daily sounds like some kind of a newspaper. Why is this place named that way? The wall adjacent to me had newspaper clippings of local papers. These were full of positive news and contrary to what mainstream media and loud mouthed news anchors feed us with. I assume that these positive news snippets are linked to the name "The Daily".

The Captain's Score : 9/10

"Stock up the cellars lads. We have our next destination. Who knows what awaits us on our quest? We sail at dawn. The Blue compass awaits us."

Map Co-Ordinates
The Daily Bar and Kitchen
Linking Road,
Bandra West, Mumbai.

 -I was invited to the restaurant by its PR. My review however is objective.-

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Friday 26 February 2016

Nawab Saheb at the Renaissance Hotel - Powai, Mumbai

I remember these parts of the sea. This is where we first met the Kraken many moons ago. Maybe our battle with the Kraken a few days back was a hint towards our return to these waters. It all began with a call on me radio. It talked about Persian food and what not. Eager to try Iranian food, I charted my course to a remote island away from civilization. 

A magnificent palace stood on this desolate island in the midst of trees. We docked near the beach and embarked on a mission towards the palace. The Royal court and Persian food awaited us.

Nawab Saheb at Powai is well known for its Mughlai food. But surely Iranian food is a different sphere? Right? Not quite.

The evolution of the Northern Indian Mughlai cuisine is an interesting tale. Iranian food along with Turkic food has been a part of the colorful Mughlai culinary tapestry. In short, Persia is the place where much of Mughlai food predecessors were actually born. Nawab Saheb at the Renaissance brings a festival of Iranian food which lasts till the end of February, 2016. It is an event that takes one along the silk road to Iran itself.

I was invited to the restaurant as part of a FBAI Blogger's delegation to sample this exotic grub.
Nawab Saheb has an ambiance that mimics the royal Mughal courts or Darbars. The environment is rich. The exquisite Kaleens(Carpet) on the floor, the vermilion hues, Mughal themed chairs and the intricate wooden frames - All of it turns time momentarily back to a forgotten Golden age. One almost feels like they are royalty of some kind. 

And what good is a court without classical musicians, right?

The event is curated by Chef Haleem and Chef Mona Poordaryaeizadeh(Who has specially flown in from Iran). This is my first time with mainstream Iranian food so I will have to trust Chef Mona for the authenticity of the food.

The food is served in special set menus. A patron may choose the set they prefer the most. A Vegetarian set, a Meat set, a Seafood set and a mixed bag set are offered by the restaurant. The prices range from INR 2000 to INR 3500.

Though not part of the Persian sets, this Zafrani chicken salad caught my fancy. The tandoor roasted chicken chunks and the greens provided a perfect appetizer before the main courses. And it was quite visibly pleasing as well.

Joojeh Kebab is a popular Iranian dish. Made with Fresh and tender saffronized young chicken, this dish excelled on all fronts. The appearance was appetizing, the aroma divine and the flavor was amazing. These juicy chunks literally send the taste buds on a high.

Captain : These Royal Kebabs are truly meant for a Captain.  

Crewmate : Crew too right?

Captain : (Ignores) Nom Nom Nom

Crewmate : Right? Cappy?

Kabab e Barg - These juicy Lamb fillets were made out of lamb shanks. A rather simple construction, it was the Kabab's sumac and saffron seasoning that ultimately created its unique flavor. Though these taste very close to Indian Lamb kababs, the subtle differences were perceivable. Sumac for instance is rarely used in Indian cooking.

Kabab Hosseni had a tantalizing aroma with high piquancy. These juicy lamb nuggets were seasoned with a mixture made out of Tomatoes, saffron and a green pepper paste. These were quite addicting and second only to the Joojeh Kababs.

The Koobideh Morgh Kababs differed a lot on visuals from what I saw on Google. These skewered Kababs were made out of minced chicken cooked with an onion-garlic paste. The aroma was not as captivating as the other kababs and I felt that these tasted a bit dry. It was difficult to eat these without the green mint chutney.

Maho Sorkh Kardeh was Pan fried Basa rubbed with fenugreek seeds, pepper and dry lime. The admirable thing about these kababs was the fact that the flavor had sunk in properly into the Basa. The disappointing thing was the usage of Basa in the first place. Any other fish fillet would have tasted better than Basa.

Abadan Falafel is a Persian version of Middles east's favorite Chick pea patties. While the appearance was very refined, the flavor was a bit rough. To me, a good falafel is one that tastes remarkably different from an Indian Moong dal vadi, despite using the same chickpea base. This variant could not make that distinction.

The main course felt a little disappointing as opposed to the Kababs. This could be due to many reasons. Maybe my palate could not perceive the subtleties of the Persian mains or perhaps it was the common issue that happens with most Kebab serving restaurants - People dislike anything outside the Kababosphere.

Khoresht E Khalal Badam - I actually had to Google this before writing about it. Every single image that Google threw up made it appear rather visually pleasing. The variant here in comparison appeared like a damp squib. The billed Almond(Badam) slivers were too few and had become too soggy to stand out. The dish was also missing its trademark tangy flavor and tasted too close to an Indian lamb curry.

Khoresht Fesenjan appeared a little lighter than I expected. This is usually a dark(almost brown) colored stew. The flavor however worked well for me. It was made out of chicken, pomegranate sauce and walnuts.The flavor was a fusion of savory and sweet. The spices also created a unique aftertaste in the mouth. This was a flavor, I had never tried before. The dish thus gave a thrill of discovery.
I would like to try this dish with duck(The traditional recipe uses duck) instead of Chicken someday.

Captain : This stew has some nice sensations on me tongue.

Crewmate : We discovered something new. A Stew.

Captain : That be true lad, lets plant our flag on it now and give it a name.

Khoresht Aloo Mosama is a chicken stew made with carrots and prunes. The flavor was acceptable but was a little too sweet for my liking. Pardon me for the horrible image, the dish blended in with the scarlet lighting.

The desserts were fun but sadly these were all Indian. I did expect Persian desserts and had to ask twice to confirm whether these were indeed the correct desserts. I was looking forward to things such as Masghati.

The service was excellent, as was expected of a restaurant inside the Renaissance's premises. The serving crew was professional, routinely changed cutlery and ensured that empty water glasses were filled as soon as possible. At no point of time did I ever require to instruct them anything.

The pricing for the Persian food ranges from INR 2000 to 3500 depending on the set chosen. It feels high but how often does one find Iranian food in India. Coupled with the rich ambiance of Nawab Saheb and the professional service - the pricing feels worthy.

The food had its ups and downs but the experience certainly was unique. Even as a slightly above mediocre food traveler, I rarely come across events such as this. In normal circumstances, for a genuine Irani experience - I would either have to go Iran or at least Dubai. But an event like this brings it all to my own city and reduces air fare to cab fare.

The Persian Festival ends on February 27 ,2016. If you are in Mumbai, visit The Renaissance and be Royalty for a dinner at Nawab Saheb.

The Captain's Score : 7/10

"Shame, we have to leave this island. There is so much left to explore. Mark it on the map lads. We will be back, soon."

Map Co-Ordinates
Nawab Saheb
Renaissance Hotel, 2-3B,
Near Chinmayanand Ashram,
Powai, Mumbai

 -I was part of a Food Bloggers Association of India Meet up organized by the Restaurant's PR. My review however is objective.-

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Thursday 25 February 2016

Old Wild West - Lower Parel, Mumbai

Let me tell you the tale of when we were sailing around an industrial island and discovered a small food district nestled in between. The local port looked like something straight out of a steampunk comic book - Ya know pipes, steam outlets, valves, meters and gears. There were also people in strange cowboy hats. I was told that these folks were from a nearby Western themed tavern. Steampunk, westerns and promise of good food. Here begins another adventure.

Old Wild West is a new Tex Mex restaurant that plays on Western themes. It has opened shop in the brutal Kamala Mills area. Brutal for business owners, fun for connoisseurs. The rents are high, the competition intense and people are spoiled for choice. A slight thing out of place means losing your patron to a dozen other high end eateries nearby.

The dim lit golden lighting provides a genuine Southern states appearance to the restaurant. Though the restaurant plays it safe with a lot of stereotyped fine dine themes.

In the picture is a mechanical bull which is functional and can be used by brave patrons before meal. See if ya folks can last more than ten seconds. I will advise against riding post meal.

After whiling almost thirty minutes in a near empty restaurant wondering where the service was, I finally found someone to take my order.
South West style Pork Ribs. The ribs were slightly above pedestrian in flavor. The meat was well cooked and came right off the bones. But somehow the ribs lacked the traditional smokey BBQ flavor that I have grown used to. Using my layman knowledge of the culinary arts, I assumed that this may be due to lesser BBQ sauce but it could have been something else. The billed slaw accompaniment was lacking both mayo and vinaigrette hence it was not a slaw.

South West Chicken Tacos were far better than their South Western neighbor above. The flower cup like tortilla shells added a nice novelty. The chicken was juicy and tasted great with the bean mix deep inside. The spice content could have been a little higher but I won't complain about that. The shells were generously filled and were far better than most Taco's I have had elsewhere.

Captain : Yep, this be a fine cup of grub. 

Crewmate : Cheesy.

Captain : Yes there is a lot of cheese in the tortilla cups too.

Crewmate : I meant your lines, Captain.

Mexico Chili cilantro burger. Not as much of a looker as the things above, I felt that a slaw accompaniment could have made the plate appear a little less empty(As is the case in Indigo restaurants). The fries were far too subtle in flavor for traditional ranch seasoned fries. The burger itself was great. It was messy, juicy and well seasoned with spices. The patty was well cooked. The only downside to the burger was that the bun bottoms were a little thick and crisp.

Classic American Cheesecake was a baked Philadelphia cheesecake coated with sour cream glaze and honey. Strawberry coulis was artistically used as a topping as well. Though it doesn't seem to use a traditional Graham cracker crust, the base still tasted well. The package looked a bit messy and unfriendly to the camera(since the glaze reflects light) but it satiated the palate well. As a cheesecake lover I enjoyed OWW's version.

Captain : Creamy above, Creamy below. Just the way I like it.

Crewmate : Do you think they overdid the sour cream bit?

Captain : It smells nice, it taste nice. I take it that you don't like it.

Crewmate : No-no, that is not what I meant Cappy. Please save me some.

OWW's Chocolate Mousse was a great dessert made out of cream, chocolate and delightful things of all sort but a mousse it is not. Since it does not contain egg, the taste feels very creamy. It lacks the airy lightness and the richness of a true mousse. I enjoyed this as a dessert but I cannot call it a mousse.

The service was poor. It took them ages to even note my presence and this was during a time when there were hardly three parties(myself included) in the restaurant's premises. I was slightly annoyed by the time the grub finally made it to my table. This kind of state can easily make one overlook the merits of the food though I tried my best to remain objective. The staff needs to be trained better. If there is a person inside your restaurant, have someone interact with them as soon as possible. I had to ask for service, I had to ask for water, I had to ask for cutlery and I had to ask for a menu.

The Pricing is on the higher side though its on par with other establishments in Kamala mills.

Old Wild West has its theme working for it but it needs to iron out issues and tighten the screws to exploit its full potential. The food is decent but it can be better. The ambiance is great for an evening binge. The service needs major improvement and some standard operating procedures. A table cannot be left unattended for over thirty minutes.

The Captain's Score : 7/10

"Shame, we have to leave this island. There is so much left to explore. Mark it on the map lads. We will be back, soon."

Map Co-Ordinates
Old Wild West
1st Floor, Trade View Building,
Kamala Mills Compound,
Lower Parel, Mumbai

 -I was invited by the restaurants PR to sample the grub.-

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Monday 22 February 2016

Grillin it up at the Zulu Terrace - Andheri West, Mumbai

The day was hard as me men fought the dastardly Kraken which was trying to rob me ship's possessions with its many arms. We managed to sever many of its tentacles and forced it to retreat. But we know that it will raise its ugly tentacles again someday. An epic battle however demands an epic meal. Me men were tired as I took out me looking glass to scout for places in this part of the sea. 

I saw something in the distance. Located on the top of a house was a rooftop restaurant. Fancying the need of good grub with some fresh air, I fired a roped harpoon from my ship till it stuck to the side of the restaurant. Then I turned to the lads "Fancy climbing across the ropes?"

Zulu Terrace is located in the food district of the Southern Suburbs, Andheri West. Its near Lokhandwala and Fun republic. It could be difficult to spot the place since it lies inside one of the many lanes adjoining the  main road. So that certifies it as a hidden place. But is it a Gem or something else? Well, read on mate.

Zulu Terrace is a rooftop cafe on a small building. So its not a place for the view. Its a place for the feel. Being surrounded by trees gives it the feeling of being surrounded by a forest. Though, I am pretty sure that is not what inspired the Zulu name. The restaurant serves Shisha(hookah), drinks and good grub. One can say that it has everything under one roof. Or over one roof ha.

I was invited by head chef Dionysus Lobo to sample some of the grub and he personally curated a course for the good ol' Captain.

Orange Melon Cocktail was made by mixing two fruit juices. It was sweet, tangy and rather refreshing. It even looked colorful to top it all. One could say that this was the perfect drink after an excruciating trek in the urban jungle.

Captain : In the Jungle, the noisy jungle, the lion sips tonight.

Linguist : Isn't it mighty instead of noisy and sleeps instead of sips?

Captain : Stop ruining my clever word plays lad :(

Chicken Espetada is a chicken version of a famed Portuguese dish (The original has beef). The minced meat skewers tasted wholesome and flavorful. Being grilled on a charcoal spit rotisserie also infused the flavor of an outdoor barbecue onto these. The aroma was "ah so divine". This goes very well as grub on its own but is the perfect thing to pair with Beer or whiskey. It was the ideal thing to eat on a machan during a night safari.

Peri Peri Chicken is a dish that is African at heart but colonial at creation. This dish was made by Portuguese colonials in Angola using the Pili pepper found in Africa. For us Indians, this pepper is relatively tame. It tastes like a savory herb which boosts the flavor of anything its rubbed on. This Afro Portuguese dish was thus a twist to the satay like chicken strips. It was mildly spicy, pleasantly fragrant, savory and had a bit of Thyme sweetness. Great grub to offer to the chiefs of the opposing tribes or your office mates on a break ha.
Hazari Kebabs. These soft four hour marinated chicken kebabs melt in one's mouth coloring the palate with cream, cheese, powdered cashews and spices. Have these and you would never want to eat other kebabs again. These kebabs were a divine sensation for me tongue. Ahh, I salivate as I write about them. Works well as a reward after a long hunt in the suburbs.

Captain : This one is for me, This one also for me and this again for me.

Linguist : Why don't you leave me a piece too, old chap?

Captain : I did leave you a piece. Here.

Linguist : But that's just a tiny sliver of onion. Not even a Kebab.

Jack Daniels burger. This burger had a sauce which was fashioned out of Jack Daniels whiskey hence the name. It was full of fragrant sweet jus which came out as I took a bite. The burger was messy but full of flavor filled meat. It was priced slightly more than the Dunkin Donuts Tough guy burger but was several levels above it in flavor.

The only problem that I found with it was the liberal use of thick onion and tomato slices. These tend to interfere in an otherwise pleasure filled burger experience and thus the slices used must be kept very thin. Served with a side of fries, it makes the ideal grub before a long noon in the Savannah.

French Rolls. This Chicken and spinach concoction rested in a bath of delectable and creamy Ricotta. This was part of a special "dish of the day menu" at Zulu Terrace. It tasted similar to Roulade and was full of proteiny goodness. Though this has no connection to the Jungle, it serves well for the soft footed tourists on elephant backs.

This was but a small part of the grub menu at Zulu. The whole menu is massive and there is something for everyone. Whether you are a hungry lion or a raging Rhino, the menu will always please you. Currently the only thing that the menu lacks is a dessert section but I am told that the management will introduce that shortly.

The pricing is very affordable. It is cheap for the good quality of food served. It is the kind of place where one can chow down on fine food everyday without burning a hole into their pockets.

I cannot comment much on the service since I was invited to have a meal here. But it seemed to be satisfactory from what I could observe on other tables.

Despite not being a fine dine or a place with an elegant ambiance, this place had a special charm to it. As I mentioned earlier, the trees made me perceive that I was on a machan in the midst of a tropical Jungle. The food was better than most similar places that I have been to. It was good enough to plan a second trip here. As a suggestion, the management could add a bit of some Zulu music to really get people in the mood. And perhaps a bit of bush crickets.

The Captain's Score : 9/10

"Its time for the hunt lads. We are back in the big game. Harpoons out and let's challenge those Krakens and Leviathans."

Map Co-Ordinates
Zulu Terrace
Next to Barbeque Nation,
Off New Andheri Link Road,
Andheri West, Mumbai

 -I was invited by the Head Chef to sample the Grub. My post however is neutral and based off what I felt.-

Zulu Terrace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday 21 February 2016

Chinese New year at O:h Cha - Lower Parel, Mumbai

Due to trips to distant lands, I discovered that I missed things close to me home. In all the time that I was away, many restaurants had popped up in the islands around. So it was time to explore me native seas once again. The first place that I found was a restaurant called O:h cha. I had no idea what that meant till my linguist told me that it means delicious in Thai. I keep forgetting about that linguist. How did he get into me crew? Story for another day.

O:h Cha cha cha cha. The odd name means "delicious" in Thai. This place is located at a walking distance from home and yet I never knew how close this was. Its been a busy time in the past year with treks all across town to different eateries. Its funny how I missed exploring some of the finest places in my own neighborhood. Well no matter, the process of rectification begins with a new culinary adventure.

I managed to arrive here on a day designated as a Karaoke night. Although the shy Indian public is not generally the "sing in front of a crowd while drunk" kind, there were a few folks who tried crooning. Not me though, this pirate was intoxicated on rather strong Rum. The place is small but has a nice ambiance. It felt  like both a lounge and a restaurant rolled into one. The Green lighting and the fancy light work on the ceiling makes the place feel quite comforting.

The place was commemorating the Chinese New Year (Year of the Red monkey) and had a special menu in that honour. Now, CNY sounds like an odd thing in a Thai place but I guess it was generally an "Asian" celebration.

I was invited to sample the special menu by the restaurant's PR folk. And bless those people for making me acquainted with a rather nice Thai place close to home. Do note, a pure vegetarian may not form the best opinion for this place. A meat eater however will enjoy the protein filled fare.

Burnt Garlic and Basil Chicken Soup. This soup visually resembled colorful Asian soups. The flavor was mildly salty upon tasting but had a very spicy undertone which was perceived while swallowing the liquid. I love spicy food as the next guy but I personally felt that the spice was a bit high for Thai cooking.

Grilled Prawn cake on lemon grass skewers. Despite its simple appearance, the prawn cakes were quite sumptuous. These had been dusted by Kaffir lime as well. These were soft and full of flavor, almost like an oriental version of Kebabs. The lemon grass skewers were added for pure aesthetics as these could not take the cake's weight, ha.

Captain : This isn't a regular pop. 

Crewmate : It is a cake pop 

Captain : Indeed, but not the ones hyperventilating kids with smart phones would love.

Crewmate :  But everything a sailor would love.

Captain : Aye to that. Hey, where are the skewers.

Crewmate : Ha, finally I score. :D

Hoi Yin Yum Prig. This is a snacky kind of an appetizer that works well with strong drinks. The Okra however felt a bit invasive due to its size. I felt that smaller pieces of Okra would have worked better than the large chunks used. It also affected the cooking. The outer portions of the Okra were crispy, savory and crunchy but the core was soft and gooey. Given the theme of this dish, I am pretty sure the crispiness should have been in and out uniform for the Okra.

Thai Honey sesame chicken was a flavorful dish of chicken strips coated with its namesakes. The flavor mimicked the sweet Chinese honey Chicken with savory depth coming from other spices and sesame. This appetizer had an addicting and a tantalizing feel to it. I had already cleaned the entire plate a minute after I took my first bite. It makes an ideal appetizer to a multiple course meal.

Chicken with Chilli Garlic Sauce. I usually avoid safe/old favorites options when I am invited to places. It is all about experimenting new things after all. However, my server recommended this dish to me. And I gleefully accepted his suggestion. This colorfully piquant preparation had just the right amount of spicy earthiness. The soft chicken chunks had completely absorbed the garlicky flavor. It would go well with any noodles or be enjoyed independently.

Yaki Udon noodles were served in the traditional Japanese style with sauce, meat and vegetables. Though not the best variant of udon that I have come across, these were certainly better than mediocre replicas sold in the name of Udon at many places.

Chili Chocolate Tart with Coconut Ice cream. One may have heard of Nainital, but this was truly Nainitart. This tart and its plating resembled an eye from the top. A tasty fusion of east and west, this mildly spicy chocolate tart had chocolate soil and a scoop of creamed Coconut Ice cream in the center. The coconut obviously is a tribute on Thai flavors. The tart was soft and the rich chocolate paired well with the ice cream. The chili provided an interesting flavor undertone. Enjoyable treat to the last bite.

Captain : It be a dark chocolaty night . Me ship sailed silently towards Mt Coco Cream.

Crewmate : Uh huh and what happened after that?

Captain : Deep below this sea of Chocolate, lied a subtle treasure of spice.

Crewmate : Then?

Captain : And I relished as I had the last bite. (smirks)

Crewmate : That feels out of place...HEY, you weren't high. You faked it to distract me.

The service seemed to be excellent and the serving strategy well chalked out. Despite having a few servers, they were able to address every table fairly on a crowded Karaoke night.

The pricing seems to be on par with other Asian fine dines like Main land china for example. The portion sizes seem generous too (Note : My mains were half portions by my request.) Though I do feel that the appetizers can be 350s instead of 400s and 500s instead of 600s.

A great place for authentic Thai cuisine. The new menu is fun and the desserts are not to be missed. The new menu goes well beyond the Thai only theme and adds a few other Asian delicacies. It is the Chinese year of the monkey theme after all. If the reader loves singing, then I recommend a Wednesday visit for Karaoke nights.

The Captain's Score : 8/10

"All right lads, now we Cha cha cha with the stars and the waves. The tail winds be on our side. Put that grub and Rum to good use. "

Map Co-Ordinates
O:h Cha
Unit 1, The New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills Premises,
Mathurdas Mills Compound,
Lower Parel, Mumbai

 -I was invited by the restaurants PR to sample the new menu. My post is neutral-

o:h cha - kitchen & bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato