Sunday 27 March 2016

Terttulia - Shivaji Park, Mumbai.

It was a rather eventful day. We were attacked by a strange ship with black sails and no flag. Me brave crew engaged them in battle and managed to drive them away but not without taking a few hits. Me ship's central mast was damaged and needed urgent repairs. Our sails were completely torn and there was cannon damage all over the hull. The enemy crew were masked rogues who attacked us without warning. Those filthy barnacleheads.

I guess, we were not alone in the hunt for the Blue compass. My head hurt as the ship Doctor bandaged it. The next mark had to wait. We sailed to the nearest port for repairs and I decided to explore the local taverns with Nina. I stroked her, poor thing must have been frightened from all the chaos and battle. Or was she?

Terttulia has been on my radar for quite some time. It has some favorable traits namely European food, walking distance from my home and being well known for desserts. However, I had never been able to secure reservations in the past. Though after this experience, I am going to certainly try harder for a reservation. This place is worth every penny and moment spent. To have such a gem exist in my backyard is truly a privilege.

The place has a small dining area and a comfortable ambiance. Its definitely not the best of places in the matters of decor but it does seem to seamlessly stitch together a football tavern and a family bistro into a single restaurant. Good for grub with family and friends. The choice of the ambient music however seemed a bit odd and I felt that classical Kenny G tunes would be more apt. Terttulia in Spanish means a place for people to meet and discuss affairs. It did seem to live up to its name given how crowded the restaurant was with groups of people.

This walk in was special. I was invited here in my capacity as a food blogger. I was to sample a special set menu called as "Beyond Flavors" powered by in association with HSBC Bank and Food Bloggers Association of India(FBAI).

However the polite and soft spoken manager of Terttulia, Mr. Vinod Mishra insisted that I try things beyond the menu to be able to assess their grub better. What followed was a memorable evening of good food and drinks.

A snapshot of the Beyond Flavors menu. Terttuila rolled out all its best sellers for this special menu.

Soup of the day was a thin soup made of Iceberg lettuce, celery pea shoots and other greens. It was served with thin Lavash crackers. This was salty, savory and seemed more suited to be a vegetarian friendly soup. Though cubes of curried chicken were added as I had opted for a non vegetarian variant, they felt like a mismatch.

Orange Basil Mojito was a cool house special. This tangier than thou variant was more colorful and flavorful than a normal mojito. Terttulia's young barkeep Vicky was really a good mixer. The Rum's normal kick gained a sour flavor and it felt as if me senses were being warped in a tangy twist in la-la land.

Chicken Tapenade. Traditional Tapenade is a Proven├žal(France) spread used in certain European dishes. This spread was applied to succulent chicken morsels with a kebab like structure. The result was a heavenly flavor with several shades of savory and a subtle basil flavor which could be felt as an after taste. Despite the preparation's humble appearance, it was packed with a powerful flavor. Truly, a great Hors d'oeuvres to start the dinner with.

Captain : Hmm, this feels so soothing for my wounds and dark memories. Such good soul food.

Nina : Nya?

Captain : Oh stop begging. I'll save you a piece, you little furball.

Nina : Nya Nya :3

At this point, Executive Chef Kamal Thapa served me tasting portions of six more appetizers.

Brie Cheese and Mushroom Bruschetta (Front) felt pedestrian. The flavor felt incomplete somehow. Perhaps a bit of tomato would have helped.

Mini Quiche of Spinach(Behind Bruschetta) and corn were little cups of great joy. The cheese, corn and spinach mixed with spices created a perfect bite. It felt amazing with the Mojito.

Portobello mushrooms with olive and feta(last) was a simple construction that made a great bar nibble.

Grilled prawns rubbed with Sundried Tomato(Front) - Mildly tangy prawns which smelled wonderful and would taste well with all acidic drinks.

Blue cheese Chicken Kebab was made of minced meat with blue cheese. It was packed in a Pita parcel. The Kebab felt soft and melted in the mouth leaving behind the flavor of the cheese. I enjoyed it on its own but this again would go well with a drink in the hand.

Three cheese lamb Kebab was a kebab which packed flavor and cheeses inside the meat. It was salty, savory and a bit juicy. Its better eaten on its own. I found this as delectable as the Tapenade. May try a full platter of this next time.

Karari Roti - This was actually shaped like a reverse dome or a bowl. It was huge as well, like a small satellite dish ha. It tasted spicy, was full of masala and was crispy. It mimicked the Khakra snacks. Felt like a nice filler in between courses or conversations.

Spaghetti and meat balls was a flavorsome (though a bit greasy) preparation with homemade tomato sauce and minced Lamb meatballs. It was slightly spicy for spaghetti but was quite satiating and a decent emulation of the Italian favorite. I was feeling quite full by this time. Shame since Terttuila excels in the "Mains" department and has ample offerings.

Captain : I wonder if the repairs are going well. I wonder who attacked us.

Nina : Nya ^^

Captain : Which makes me wonder, you don't look scared at all. In fact, the rogues seemed to have retreated when they saw you.

Nina : Nya ;3

I quite love both Cheesecake and Creme Brulee,so I was chuffed when I saw the Creme Brulee cheesecake on the Beyond Flavors menu. And this exceeded my expectations. The caramel like flavor of creme brulee had penetrated deep inside the baked Philadelphia cream cheesecake. The flavors had truly married each other. A bit of creme brulee was also placed on top of the cheesecake. This dessert excelled in all departments - The aroma, visuals, flavor and texture. If you happen to visit Terttulia, do have this.

Captain : Oh this be quite divine. Its like a double rainbow. Two delights rolled into one.

Nina : Nya Nya.

Captain : Hey, get off the table. The owners will throw us both out if they saw that I smuggled in my cat.

Belgian Chocolate Mousse was one of ze best mousses that I have ever had. Though visually it didn't look very alluring, the first bite however made me fall in love. The sweet bitter flavor was perfect. The strawberry compote added a great tangy twist to the sweet bitter flavor and the marshmallow cream was a much better side than whip cream. All three elements on the plate gave me a dessert high. I thought, I had a great cheesecake but I think the mousse was even better that night.

Captain : But why did the attackers retreat upon seeing you? Is it because you are an ugly Cat?

Nina : NYA  B: <

Captain : Ouch, don't claw me pretty face lass. I was just jesting. You have been lucky for us.

Nina : Nya ^.^ >:3

The service was quick and fast at the start though there was a long gap between the appetizers and the main. I had to signal the serving staff to get the main out eventually. However, the crew was professional and Mr. Mishra personally visited all the tables on a crowded Sunday night.

The Pricing for Terttulia is cheaper than similar continental restaurants. The quality seems to match the likes of Indigo and several restropubs in Lower Parel/Bandra but the food costs are remarkably lesser.

This was my first trip to Terttulia and will definitely not be my last. The menu is huge and I look forward to walking in to try their other mains. To me, Terttulia is definitely one of the better restaurants of Mumbai.

The Captain's Score : 9/10

"I feel inspired lads. We are not going to back down. Raise our new sails and fix the mast. Get in more cannons. That compass be ours and only ours.

Map Co-Ordinates
Ground Floor, Hotel Parkway,
Near Chaitya Bhumi,
Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai

 -I was invited to the restaurant as a blogger by, HSBC, Food Bloggers Association of India and Terttulia. My review is objective and neutral. I genuinely loved the place and plan to go here again.-

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Saturday 19 March 2016

Farmer and Sons - Fort, Mumbai

The mountains adorned the far side of the horizon as we sailed towards our next destination. The island of six mountains and four rivers lied ahead of us. Though grapevine suggested that its not four rivers but rather four roads. I wondered if I would find the blue compass on this island. That could possibly not be true. The most coveted artifact in human history cannot be found so easily after all. A part of me wanted the compass on the next island while another yearned for greater adventures. 

The radio suddenly came alive. 

Radio : This is the Navy, state your business for visiting this island.

NAVY?!! Barnacles.
Lads, hide all the Rum, gunpowder and pirated music. Put on yer best faces. Let em know that we are uh...merchants carrying uh...spices. 

Farmer and Sons (Hereby known as F&S) takes the place of the erstwhile Nico Bar. The management is still the same but the re branding exercise seems largely pointed to right the wrongs of its predecessor. While the place may not seem as popular as Kapoor & Sons, this Farmer has his heart in the right place.

The eatery feels like a mix of a small bistro and a bar. The narrow bar comes before the slightly wider dining area. The entrance can thus get a bit of a bottleneck if the bar gets too crowded. The bar resembles classy taverns found in West European destinations. The Golden light also felt comforting and calming, though it could be a little troublesome for food photography.

I was part of a Blogger/influencer bunch invited by Food Blogger's association of India. The bunch gladly occupied most of the bar area creating the aforementioned bottleneck. The first course of course(ha) were the drinks. The barkeep Sylvester explained the house specialties like the Drunken Dragon Milk or Mumbai Ice tea for example. His explanation was accompanied by busy food paparazzi gulping the cocktails with their cameras.

Rhubarb and Rose Mojito - After patiently waiting for the battle field dust to settle, I managed to get Sylvester to whip me one of these. The mixture contained Rhubarb compote, Rose Syrup, White Rum, mint and lime. It was a sweet take on the classical Mojito. It was quite an interesting flavor. This was pleasantly sweet(as opposed to traditionally sweet sour Mojitos) and yet was still a Mojito.

Navigator : Rum with Rhubarb? That is quite unheard of. Could this be our clue?

Captain : Unheard to you perhaps. Stop looking into your drink for clues.

Navigator : Yes Sir :(

Salads make an odd course for a dinner but that is easily forgiven with F&S's stellar salads. This little forest in a bowl was made out of Quinoa, Kale and Broccoli. It was dusted with flax seeds, pomegranate and feta. A bit of Honey mustard dressing added a sweet and tangy flavor to the otherwise leafy salad. It easily pleased my palate and I could heartily hog down spoonfuls of this.

The Grilled sea food salad however was the one that took the cake.(That sounds like such an Oxymoron) This salad resembled a sunken island which had re-surfaced after many years. Containing Fish, calamari and prawns - this salad had quite a flavorful depth. It also had a rather generous amount of spade leaf which dominated the salad. The Tamarind Vinaigrette dressing added subtle sour undertones.

Chicken Doner sounds like a homage to Kebab Doner and sounded similar to Kebab Doughnut(I swear that I heard one of the servers say this). This pita pocket was full of a mixture made out of roasted chicken and Tzatziki. It also had pickled beetroot and house made fresh Aioli. One cannot help but sense the flavor resemblance to Shawarmas. The only problem that I saw with these pockets were their inherent ephemeral nature. They got over too fast.

The Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi was quite pedestrian. The Pork belly had an acceptable flavor but it felt far more buttery/fatty than normal. The salty meaty flavor was overshadowed by the uneasy feeling of oiliness. The accompanied Kimchi was a damp squib in both visuals and flavors. It felt like cabbage leaves coated with some sauce. Have easily had better Kimchi than this.

Beetroot Borani is a rarely found variant of the famous Irani yoghurt dip. This was sweet, slightly savory and all around fun. It also had a "just right" mixture of spices which enhanced its flavor to near perfection. The visuals, aroma and the taste all worked well with this one. Vegetarians would enjoy this dish.

Sassoon Dock pizza was recommended by a few Zoman reviewers that I follow. Thus I made it a point to sample it while at F&S. True to its billing, it was a genuine Napolitano pizza. The rustic crust was a hall mark of a genuinely wood fired oven pizza. It had the aroma of Naples and was loaded with sea food. Calamari, fish, clams and fish - all cooked to perfection. The toppings felt very Mediterranean.

But just like how a bad singer can adversely affect the performance of a choir, the pizza sauce somehow felt excessively salty. Mistakes do happen and I am told that I may have drawn a bad straw with this one. Well, I guess that I may try this again on another day.

The Finger Lickin Duck was the star of the night as far as my opinion goes. This sandwich was made of whole duck, caramelized onions, Gruyere Cheese, poached orange segments and a bit of house made mustard sauce. The flavor was a mix of salty, slightly zesty, sweet and pungent flavors. The flavor captured me taste buds like a veteran cowboy rounding up cattle. There were many things happening with every bite. This sandwich was an experience in itself. Despite being a bit pricey, the experience felt well worth it.

Captain : Poseidon be upon us. This is quite juicy.

Navigator : Hmmm.

Captain : Why are you staring at the map?

Navigator : I think I saw something interesting. But I am not sure what it means. 

Captain : Tell me when you figure it out and stop wasting precious dialog space mate.

The White Chocolate cheesecake was sure a strange one. On visuals, it did not appear to be a traditional cheesecake but yet it was made of cream cheese and tasted like a genuine Philadelphia cheesecake. It also had a sweet and pleasant aroma. The chocolate scrolls and pomegranate coulis didn't seem to augment the flavor and were merely added for visuals which ironically could be improved.

The service was decent but greatly stressed under chaos since a ton of bloggers had dropped upon the small place. But I think that under the pressure, they acted quite professionally and decently. Though, they could be a little more informed on the names and ingredients.

The pricing is on the higher side of the scales. While its a welcome climb down from the steep pricing structure at its former avatar, the pricing still feels a bit high. Some items on the menu feel well worth the moolah though some feel a bit of scroogey on the portion sizes.

As I mentioned before, the farmer has got his heart in the right place but there is still a long journey that needs to be covered before he reaches his zenith. The food is good, the pricing can be adjusted and may give this place another shot in the future.

The Captain's Score : 7/10

Captain : This place shows no sign of the next clue. Maybe we should ransack the place till we find it.

Navigator : That may not be needed Capitan. Have a look at the map.

Captain : What the...? Why did you draw these lines on it?

Navigator : Have a look closely. I took the four places that we have been to so far including this one. Then I drew lines between this place and the Daily Bar. And another line between Cafe Free India and Please Dont tell.

Captain : And what of it?

Navigator : These lines intersect at a certain point. That point is a small but popular isle in the blue yonder.

Captain : Sounds like co - incidence to me. You are over thinking it mate.

Navigator :  Perhaps I am but the intersection happens at the exact center of this tiny island. It cannot be co-incidence. I think that this restaurant's location itself was the clue.

Captain : Hmm, I don't like this theory but you do make it sound intriguing.

Map Co-Ordinates
Farmer and Sons
105, Apollo Street,
Bombay Samachar Marg,
Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

 -I was part of an invited Food Blogger(FBAI) delegation, hence the meal was on the house . But my post is objective and neutral.-

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Thursday 10 March 2016

Please Don't tell - Lower Parel, Mumbai

We had sailed to a rather strange area in the sea. The map showed no land but yet there was a small island with a village over here. It wasn't just this ancient map but all other maps had nothing here. Bizarre! A small red rectangle and a number were scribbled on the supposed spot. I wondered what it meant. Was it some riddle or a joke the map maker played on us? One of me mates then pointed at a red colored phone booth and mentioned that those kinds of booths had not been seen for decades. 

Red Rectangles, Red booth! Could this be our clue? Lets find out if its true.
I went inside the booth which was facing a wall. I picked up the phone and dialed in the number scribbled on the map. Suddenly a wall moved and a secret tavern was revealed behind it. What in the sweet name of sweet Calypso just happened? Moreover, how does an ancient map point to a telephone booth which is a modern invention? The Blue compass mystery deepens.

Please Don't tell pays homage to the 1920s when the Prohibition act banned alcohol in the United States. Grog could only be obtained in hidden breweries and pubs which operated beyond the Government's knowledge. Getting caught meant jail and alcohol lovers had to go through great risks for their favorite brews. Ah the adventure of being a rebel.

An innocent looking Paan shop with a telephone booth next to it is the first thing you find at the perceived location of PDT. At this point, I wondered if I was at the wrong address until one of the staffers asked me to step inside the booth. He then picked up the phone and punched in a secret number.

And presto! The wall adjacent to me was revealed to be a secret door. A large tavern was completely hidden behind the booth and the paan shop. Oh yes, the hidden den thing is real and not just a namesake novelty. Though it only works the first time.

This large dim lit pub is excellent for an evening binge. The furniture seemed like an archetype of the early twentieth century and the chairs resemble those found in old underground gambling dens. The music is nice although the volume could be a little lower since loud music tends to blow the cover of a hidden society(get it?). The lighting is comfortable and time can pass really fast in here.

The food is great but totalers and the purely vegetarian folk may find lesser options. That doesn't deter me of course since I am neither. I was here to sample some goodies from their new grub menu. But before that, I sampled some of their Grog.

Mary Pickford named after a famous 20's actress is a prohibition era cocktail made out of White Rum, Maraschino(Cherry) liqueur, grenadine syrup and pineapple juice. PDT managed to replicate this perfectly. The cocktail was not too strong and had a mix of tang and bitter sweet flavors inside it. It paired well with the appetizers. It was a great experience for a Rum connoisseur like yours truly.

Puzzle Guzzle is a mystery that you gulp down with yer grub. Though it was a lesser experience compared to the concoction above, it still had its highs. This was a moderately strong Vodka cocktail mixed with ginger, grape fruit juice, lime, mint leaves and some cinnamon. Potency aside, I personally was peeved with the mint leaves floating at the top. The leaves may work with some drinks but not this.

Captain : Could this puzzle be a hint to our next clue?

Quarter master : Who cares mate? Drink hearty.

Captain : Yeah, ye are right :D

Squid Pro Quo was an average calamari. I felt that the batter coating on this was far too much than required. More than calamari, I felt as if I was eating salted fried batter with Louisiana sauce and Mango salsa.

Chicks on Sticks were teriyaki skewers served with a dip made out of peanut butter. These felt like something in between Yakitori and Satay. I love skewered chicken and these juicy bits were quite sumptuous. Though the lack of saltiness may trouble Indian palates not used to this kind of food.

Shroom with a view was an open sandwich with mushroom and cheese. Rosemary rock salt focaccia adds a dominant savory flavor but rejects saltiness. The balsamic reduction enhances the savoriness further along with some sweet tones. I quite enjoyed this sandwich and its unique bitter savory flavor. It felt very earthy and very Mediterranean. However, once again this may not appeal to a person who likes their food salty. But it works well for those who enjoy authentic western food.

The Keema Pav took a long time before finally making it to our table. And this platter was well worth the wait. The heavenly aroma was both mesmerizing and appetizing. Soft minced meat mixed with spices inside a soft fresh bun was a combination meant to please. This was the best Keema pav I have had in recent times. The only flaw was the liberal use of whole spices. It is a major turn off to encounter cardamom bags while chewing. Other than that, this item is not to be missed while at PDT.

The special Vada Pav platter is a treat for herbivores and carnivores alike. These bite sized Vada pavs were artistically plated with sweet chutney, spicy chutney and onion garlic powder. The patties melt in the mouth and feel very homemade in flavor.  Though not as amazing as the Vada pav at Ashok or Mithibai, this is good comfort food. Additionally, these weren't oily at all.

Captain : This is quite beautiful. The vada pav platter almost looks like six mountains facing four rivers ha. 

Quartermaster : Who Cares? Eat hearty.

Captain : Ya, you are right. Hey aren't ya being repetitive now mate?

Quartermaster : I had too much grog mate, gimme a break.

Butter chicken Risotto successfully combined two of my favorite dishes. The Butter chicken was A-ok as far as flavor was concerned. The meat was soft, juicy and savory. The butter was just right as the dish was not greasy. The tomato did not overpower the curry as in most places. The spices were used in moderation. The aroma was delectable, the kind that makes you dash across the room to grab a bite.

The risotto though overpowered by the chicken felt authentic. I forgot to observe whether it was Arborio or not but I enjoyed this dish too much to care. This dish was the highlight of the night. A successful marriage of Indian and Italian. Two of the world's best and ancient food cultures rolled into one.

Captain : The soft chicken and heavenly rice. Mmmmm.

Quartermaster : Stop wastin yer time and hunt for the next clue.

Captain : What the barnacles? Who was being the hearty one?

This Chocolate cake was soft, rich, creamy, decadent and full of sweet ganache. It was plated well but its dark coloring on a dark plate made it a challenge for photography. But trust me on this, it looked GOOD.

The Baked Cheesecake had amazing optics but the flavor was a polar opposite. The cheesecake felt close to a caramel pudding in taste, strangely. The typical cheesecake flavor was absent. And I could not associate any of the three cheeses(Cream cheese, Ricotta, Mascarpone) used to make different Cheesecakes with it.

The service was decent. Since the place wasn't full, we were attended by two people. As were other tables. Though, one of the servers was not very well informed about the food.

The pricing seems to be tilted towards the higher side. While many items such as the chicken skewers or the Calamari seem to be at par with similar pubs across the city, the drinks and the mains were priced higher. While the food was great and the drinks were simply amazing, I am of the opinion that the prices could be a wee bit lower.

To round this up, PDT is an amazing theme based pub which lives up to its deal. Visit this place for the vibes, the feeling of an underground community, prohibition cocktails, Keema Pav and Butter Chicken Risotto. Given its unique offerings, I suppose that all food lovers should at least visit this place once.

The Captain's Score : 8/10

Captain : No sign of the next clue. And the puzzle has gotten even more complex. How does an ancient map have a telephone booth marked on it?

Quartermaster : I be pondering on yer six mountains and four rivers thing.

Captain : What of it?

Quartermaster : There is an actual place like that.

Captain : Is it on our map?

Quartermaster : Doesn't seem to be marked but the co-incidence is too much. Don't ya agree?

Captain : I don't but what choice do we have mate? That is the only lead we have. Six mountains and four rivers ha. Must be quite the fertile land.

Quartermaster : A Land of farmers and their sons.


Map Co-Ordinates
Please Don't Tell
Kamala Mills,
Lower Parel, Mumbai

 -I was invited by the restaurants PR to sample the new menu. But my post is objective and neutral.-

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Saturday 5 March 2016

Pizza Paradise at Cafe Free India - Lower Parel, Mumbai

A tree probably stood here centuries ago when this map was made. In today's time, a Cafe sits at the co-ordinates marked on the map. My quest for the Blue compass brings me crew to a small but busy island. I have been here before but never at this spot. I wondered what the next clue would be. But before all of that, I was hungry and there was a pizza festival inside the cafe. Quests can wait as a sailor needs his grub first.

Cafe Free India sounds very much like a battle cry for Freedom from colonial forces. Or perhaps it represents the Free India after that. I would agree with the latter looking at the continental menu. Cafe Free India, which started as a nondescript eatery many years ago has become a popular spot for office goers and students alike. Its burgers in particular are well known throughout the city.

But I was not here for that. There was a pizza festival going on(And will continue till 7th March, 2016) and it would be quite a shame not to sample their pizzas in this period. Food festivals are fun mate.

The ambiance feels very spartan. But despite that, there is a strange sensation of a comforting sanctuary in here. Perhaps it stems from the feelings of the white collared patrons who are temporarily relieved of their everyday stress as they gobble down some fine food. The art pieces that adorn the wall are made by local artists and are changed periodically. To be brief, the ambiance is that of a typical comfort cafe.

Sometimes, I wish that I could store food in a timeless fourth dimensional space. With that ability, I could have stored one of each pizza in my trans-dimensional refrigerator ha. Silly science fiction fantasies aside, I sampled two pieces on the menu.

But before I move on to the pizzas, a mention needs to be made to this Gingerade. This was a Ginger drink with a dash of lemon. It was refreshing, appetizing and somehow made me feel really good inside. I felt as if I could jump up and punch the moon if I wanted(or atleast the cafe's ceiling).

Think of it as a tastier version of the Green Tea. For many a years in my childhood, I had read about Ginger ales and Gingerades in Enid Blyton books. But I had never gotten around to trying these until today. And it was a great first time experience. 

Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza. There are two facts about this pie. One, it was a delectable pizza for sure. Second, it was not a BBQ chicken pizza by my expectations. The chicken may have been barbecued but the pizza was lacking the trademark BBQ sauce. The Jalapenos added a bit of tang and the pizza's flavor was salty and savory as opposed to sweet and savory.

Fiesta pizza was quite a treat. A real meat feast.
The appearance looked really appetizing. Meaty, colorful, cheesy and a lovely aroma - what more does a pizza fanatic desire? It was loaded with bacon, salami and chicken. The thin base, the cheese and the different meats created a diverse flavor experience.

The flavor changed depending on the meat most prominent in my bite. Three different meats, three different flavors, one pizza. I am told that this pizza is hugely popular and may probably make it to their main menu.

Captain : Me tongue loves a meaty pizza, aye.

First Mate : Avast mate, this thin piece of paper sticking under the table looks like a part of some map. This could be our clue.

Captain :  Our map is complete lad. No missing bits from it. This piece of paper cannot be from our map.

The Red velvet cup cake may have not completely satisfied my voracious dessert appetite but it was still a delectable experience. The cupcake fashioned out of red velvet cake was generously topped with sweet cream cheese. It may not make the colorful art piece for insta shutterbugs but it was quite colorful to the tongue. The cream cheese was really amazing and it tasted like a creamy English Toffee.

The cake may however pale in comparison to the topping's sweetness. I sampled the cake separately after clearing my palate and it was satisfactory. A Red velvet lover would really enjoy this little treat.

Captain : No clue so far. Will dessert save us again?

First Mate :  I have been staring at this old map mate. Though the map appears complete, there is one patch that appears abnormally white. It is, as if a layer has been stripped off from here.

Captain  : Could that mean? Let me stick that thin piece of paper on this patch....There.

First Mate : It makes sense now. There seems to be something at this spot. 

Captain : Yes but what? This area appears to be in the middle of the sea.

First Mate : A Hidden Island perhaps.

The service was satisfactory but could feel a bit tardy. I had however gone at a time when the cafe was full so it could just be the rush hour blues for the serving staff.

The pricing feels cheap for the pizza portions served. These are a lot cheaper than my local pizza guy.

Based on this trip, I would say that CFI is quite a decent pizzeria. I am pretty sure that I will visit this place again to try their burgers too. That will be a story for another day I guess.

The Captain's Score : 8/10

"A journey into the unknown awaits us lads. But once we find that compass, we will be the strongest crew to ever sail the seas."

Map Co-Ordinates
Cafe Free India
NM Joshi Marg,
Opposite Deepak Cinema,
Lower Parel, Mumbai.

 -I was invited to the restaurant by its PR. My review however is objective.-

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