Wednesday 30 December 2015

The Bar Terminal - Fort, Mumbai

The night was cold as I rubbed me hands. This be my last documented voyage for the year. I could see my breath being turned into mists as the temperatures fell. The sight of the lights in the distance brought much needed warmth. The final port for this year lied ahead. A small tavern with warm light, was me mark for the night. After all, a sailor does need some grog to warm his timbers. The old port was almost empty as me crew docked the ship. The last destination for this year was aptly named "The Bar Terminal". 

The Bar Terminal is brought to you by the team behind Spices n Flavors and Sky view Cafe. Following their usual theme, this food traveler's terminal is a vegetarian bar. The Grog's the real deal but the grub is purely green. The grub however comes from the kitchens of Spices n Flavors and is thus some of the best vegetarian food in the city. It seems to blend well with the drinks. I had been invited here for a blogger's preview meal along with my good friend Christina Peter and we were always up for some drinks.

The first thing that gets to you is the idiosyncratic ambiance. One of the walls has a fence similar to that in Pont des Arts. Put a lock for memory sake.  Then its the decor, most of it is made with recycled products. Old baskets, Vinyl records, motherboards, keyboard keys, gears have all been embedded into the ambiance. The job seems quite well done as each of these things seem to be lending a 90's feel to this place. Colorful yet rustic in some ways.

It may feel quirky initially but it adds to the uniqueness of the place. Here is a picture of one of the tables. Each table had a different theme to it. The designing must've been hard work.

There is also a segregated inner area that is reserved for the family types or private parties. This area continues using the blast from the past theme but it somehow feels different, probably due to the usage of different lighting.

Summer Dream was a blissful alchemy of Star Anise, Basil, Passion fruit and Vodka. The drink had a mild kick but the Anise, Basil and passion fruit provided both a fragrant and a flavorful punch to the palate. This felt much like a dessert cocktail due to it sweetness. The Star Anise was the strongest element while the passion fruit subtly provided a natural saccharine flavor.

Captain : It be odd if I have Summer's dream in Winter. Ain't it?

Crewmate : That means you are missing Summer right?

Captain : No, I love the winter. But a touch of summer ain't be such a bad thing.

Jack Sparrow was served in a replica of an oak barrel. It had a very Caribbeanesque appearance to it. This cocktail was made of dark Rum, Jaggery(unrefined cane sugar), lime juice and sugar syrup. While this one had a stronger potency than the Summer dream, it felt undesirably sweet. There were too many sweet elements thrown into the barrel. I think it would have done well without the Jaggery and better with some coconut milk instead.

Caribbean ride was hands down a better drink than the "so sweet" Jack Sparrow. While I am not usually fond of syringe drinks, the flavor of the final product was actually great. This was a sweet tangy mix of Peach schnapps, gin, coconut rum, pineapple and orange juice. I could feel myself on a beach of the Bahamas during the sunset with this one. The Coconut rum added the Caribbean flavor while the fruit juices gave it a tropical feel. The potency was right and the drink was the best thing of the night.

Captain : This feel like a relief after meeting sweet ol' Jack Sparrow.

Crewmate : He won't be very happy with that title, Cappy. 

Captain : Whats he gonna do? Chase me with a bottle sized ship ha?

The Mint affair is something I'd love to have in the morning, spoilt as that may sound. It would also work well in a high octane dance party. Made of Whiskey, Apple Juice, clove and mint - This was mildly potent and the refreshing kind of cold. The drink had a strong aroma and a hybrid kick. More than the whiskey, the kick actually came from the clove and the mint. This cocktail feels very much like the big daddy of stuff like Red Bull.

Smoked Berry was made of fresh strawberries, tequila sour and was infused with dry ice smoke. The flavor of the vapors thus took on a strawberry flavor. It was quite an experience inhaling strawberry flavored smoke while having a sip of this sweet and tangy cocktail. I have actually put up a video of this on my Instagram. Please have a look.

Popsicles were three "Golas" dunked into fruit flavored alcoholic concoctions. The mixes were really light and I think it would be apt to call it an Alcopop on a stick. Fun to try but I don't think it would really make a appropriate drink on a Friday night.

The bar nibbles were quite fun. Though these did not seem to naturally pair with the cocktails, the whole experience of drinking and eating was still a satisfying one.

Mumbai Masala Garlic Bread was the traditional garlic bread king-ed up. Stuffed with mashed potatoes, herbs, veggies and crowned with a cheesy coronet. This was a fun take on the old snack.

Chatpate Aloo was presented really well. But the flavor was another story. The flavor felt insipid and could have used more of the Hariyali Masala. It felt too much like plain Jane potato mashing.

Crispy Pappadum Bowls was perhaps the most fun item among the nibbles. It left us wanting for more. Cups made out of poppadom were filled with garden veggies, cheese and sauces. The flavor resembled McDonald's Pizza McPuffs. However, the salty pappads added an Indian saltiness and crunchiness. These were some fun crunchy savory cupcakes.

It has to be mentioned that both Christina and me spotted an obvious flaw with these. The poppadoms were uncooked around the folds. Though, this felt like a teething issue.

Captain : These cupcakes be De-lee-cious.

Crewmate : Why would you call them cupcakes Cappy?

Captain : Because they are inside cups.

Verdure (Top) and Taste of India (Bottom) was a specially made split pizza since we wanted to try two but had the hunger of one. The verdure was a decent pizza especially if you are a vegetarian. I however, found the flavor of the TOI pizza resembling that of homemade cauliflower dishes. This isn't a bad thing but my palate was very used to this "Ghar ki Gobi" flavor so I cannot actually bring myself to find any praise for it. TOI was made of cheese and spices. It was a variation of the classical margherita.

Gulab Jamun Lasagna was a good looking dessert but probably could have used another name. It had three rough layers of Gulab Jamun, Motichoor and Rabdi on top of each other. I get that the lasagna part probably came from the layering involved though the same can also be said for a sandwich.

The dessert tasted great with none of the three individual sweets overriding each other. The unison of flavors was indeed a sweet delight. The taste was chiefly dominated by creamy Rabdi. Motichoor added extra sweetness and chewiness. The Gulab Jamun added sweet juiciness. I think more than Gulab Jamun Lasagna, the name Rabdi Sandwich would fare better.

I cannot comment on the service since the staff was still under training. Most of our dishes were served by a server and the manager himself. This was Day Zero, the place opened shop the next day.

The pricing was variable. The drinks felt fair, the lighter ones being easy while the more potent ones being higher. Though I found my favorite Caribbean ride to be well priced. The food pricing seems to be on par with most pub establishments. It would be difficult to go any lower in this part of the town anyway.

I think the place makes a nice stop for week enders. The only problem would be the lack of non vegetarian food but if its drink and nibbles that you seek then this place works well.  I'd say, another great addition to the Kala Ghoda food scene.

The Captain's Score : 8/10

"The new year beckons us lads. New adventures and oceans await us. Enjoy the grog tonight for tomorrow begins a brand new saga."

Map Co-Ordinates
The Bar Terminal
Rajabahadur Mansion, Ambalal Doshi Marg,
Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

-I was invited to sample the grub by the pub's PR. But my post is unbiased and neutral.-

The Bar Terminal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Sunday 20 December 2015

The Captain sails to Adlabs Imagica.

For over a year I have been a restaurant blogger and I wanted to write about much more. Travel blogging is something new to me but if there is one thing that I love more than food, its traveling. Uncharted territory and that makes it fun. After all mateys, if it ain't unknown it ain't fun, aye?

So I think the best way to begin this journey is with a memorable one.

It was a fresh winter morning when I got up with much anticipation and curiosity. I had been invited by the founders of a new food app called SEATRR and the PR of Adlabs Imagica to enjoy an all expenses paid trip to Adlabs Imagica, one of India's premier theme parks. This included Express passes for the rides, free grub and a comfortable bus ride to the park.

It almost felt like I had won a contest on the radio ha. This was one of the biggest food events of the year. A lot of Food bloggers, instagram folks and influencers had been invited on this trip. Some old faces and many new ones, this journey looked promising.

Due to Mumbai's hostile property rates and issues with permits, the better things are often found outside Mumbai. (If by any chance, any fella working for the Indian tourism board is reading this post - Please make Mumbai more tourist friendly ha.) This meant a bus trip to Imagica which took a little over two hours. But the trip was well worth it.

The first sight that I saw while getting off the bus upon my arrival was this beauty. Called Nitro, it was a rougher coaster(Roller Coaster sounds so 60's mate) and one of the most adventurous ones built in India. We were given Express passes which in reality resembled some kind of college wrist bands.

"I am the chosen one, I have the wrist band."

This was the view that greeted us when we passed the gates and entered the park. It resembled a mix of Disney land and some kind of an enchanted lake but this place's true beauty comes out after sunset. More on that later.

The folks at Imagica have put up a really good attraction I reckon. They seemed to have researched famous theme parks across the world like Universal studioes, Disney land etc and put in elements reminiscent of these places. They have also put in some personal and "desi" touches which make the place unique. It was a wonderland like none other.

"A good day begins with a strong breakfast."

Our first stop was at Roberto's, a restaurant run by a tiger like mascot in a chef's attire who was not so surprisingly named Roberto. The real chef Veeraj greeted our group later explaining his job and the fact that he is the commander in chief for all restaurants and eateries in Adlabs Imagica. That must be a tiring job. Glad I am not in his shoes.

We also met the Vice President of Adlabs Imagica, Manish who looked quite young for the job. Well that probably explains the energy in the park.

The mini buffet set for our group had average food but worked well as breakfast. I wasn't here to binge anyway. I just needed enough grub to start the day. I did find these brownies quite enticing though.

As I walked deeper into the park, this beauty caught me eye.

"Why hello there gorgeous, won't you let me Captain you today?"

Since photography was either difficult or prohibited on most rides, I sadly do not have any ride pictures to share(Apart from Nitro). Most of the rides seemed to have been adjusted to an enhanced "Indian safety standard" which meant losing some of their spunk and speed. Despite that, most of these were still enjoyable.

Nitro, the mammoth beauty at the entrance was a twist and turn kind of a coaster. The twists were fun but the loops were a bit tame. No butterflies in the tummy yet. It turned out to be a gentle giant if I have to put it in brief.

Gold Rush Express was more tame than the Nitro but its wild west elements added a touch of mystery to it. I enjoyed this coaster more than the previous one.

Scream Machine was a dual motion ride which swung like a pendulum and also rotated at the same time. This was the best ride for the adventurous types at Imagica. It gave me a bit of an adrenaline rush. The view from the top was fantastic and I loved how the wind went through my hair. Shame it got over fast like all good things in life usually do.

D2 Dare drop reminded me of similar rides in Disneyland using the same "rise and free fall" mechanism. The ride did feel exciting after the first two rise and drops but then the third one was weakened and the ride ended there. I felt a bit short changed since the wait for the ride to start was longer than the time on the moving ride. We were sitting strapped there for a whole ten minutes. Disneyland's version had given me eight rises and drops. A potentially good ride ruined due to its Ephemeral nature.

Salimgarh could use some work. There were only two live elements that actually startled us. Apart from grotesque but plastic looking sculptures, the ride didn't have any real scare factor to it. Though it seemed to have good potential, it appeared as if it was toned down for people with anxiety issues.

Deep Space, India's first indoor roller coaster and rumoured to be the most thrilling ride in the park was sadly closed for technical maintenance the whole day. Guess thats for another time then.

Our Lunch started at Zeze - The African Grill which was inside a Hut in a green enclosure. It did give a bit of a forest like safari feel to it. Though, the newer African music felt more modern and affected the Africaness factor a bit. I personally would have loved "The Lion sleeps tonight" since that would have added to the feel of the place.

The food was largely Indian apart from this skewer here. Chicken Sosatie was supposed to mimic the Cape Malay delicacy. It however turned out to be the popular Chicken Satay with an excess of chili rubbed on it making it very spicy for most folks. And these are food bloggers we are talking about. The spice was a bit of an irritant to the lips, so the best way to have this was to avoid using the lips or front teeth. One could use the fork to slide the meat off the skewers and pop it directly inside their mouths.

Many other dishes were non African like the Grilled Tandoori Chicken. We learnt that the bloggers buffet was different from their regular meal fixtures.

Piri Piri Chicken (Piri Piri is supposed to have originated in Africa)

The next part of the lunch was Red Bonnet which proved to be a better option for grub.
I feel like singin Elvis Songs for some reason.

The place was a perfect emulation of the quintessential 70's American diner. The Muscle Cars with red bonnets outside and inside the establishment also reminded one of the that. The place was much better than a McDonald or a Burger King. Both in ambiance and grub. As a brand it could seriously work outside the park too. I would pick Red Bonnet over a Macd any day.

Who needs regular fries when one could have a sinful portion of Cheesy fries. Nothing better on an adventurous and demanding day than tasty carbs I'd say ha.

"Why would you eat me?  Do you hate my smiling face? :(
And if cheesy fries felt like a less novelty then these soft Smiley fryums were an interesting treat. These tasted like soft potato discs with the same flavor as fries but the soft spiced coating on the top added an unique sensation. Though, it was a bit sad to eat smiling faces.

I have always wondered why American fast food chains don't stock Hot Dogs in India. Thankfully, Red Bonnet had these in flavorful abundance. The Chicken Hot Dog had a white German Sausage (I cannot recollect the name but I have had these once before from a Deli). The Hot dog was filling, tasty and seriously good grub. India needs more Hot Dogs in fast food chains or more Red Bonnets.

The Spicy Chicken Burger resembled popular fast food burgers in appearance but the flavor was far more superior to Macs, Kings or those at Dunkin Donuts. The flavor felt a bit curried and spicy-salty while the patty felt like pure chicken. Despite being full, the flavor made go for the burger.

The milkshakes were quite good and there were three options offered. Strawberry, Oreo and plain Chocolate. I particularly enjoyed the Oreo shake though, it could have been thicker.

I enjoyed the more moderate rides post lunch. Most of my time however, was spent on walking and admiring the park ha. The artificial waterfalls, the picturesque lake and the cave on the bridge offered a delightful urban adventure.

The Wrath of the Gods attraction was a bit of a damp squib literally. Apart from a very well crafted temple, it was nothing but a mix of some water splashing, pyrotechnics and some wind. The attraction could be made a whole lot interesting with the given infrastructure and perhaps more role play could be added to it. The public was having more fun trolling one of the actors.

As evening approached, a Flamboyant parade passed the central corridor of the park. This had dancers, floats, men on stilts and mascots walk by an intrigued crowd. Good ol' Roberto was dancing among the mascots too. But the most popular mascot was undoubtedly Mogambo - The megalomaniac villain from Mr. India. This reminded me of the Disney parade. Though not on the same level, Imagica's parade did feel magical and fun.

Finally Tis' Captain got to board the Arrmada and despite its incorrect spelling, I took me fancy on it and was chosen to command the glorious vessel.

With my Gary Stu moment gone, I found that it was one of the most beautiful cafes that I had ever been too. This ship shaped cafe had three decks and served all kinds of grub. I grabbed a few slices of the pizzas, shawarmas and cupcakes. The food was pedestrian but the experience was quite a marvel. Overlooking the parade road one one side and the artificial lake on the other, Arrmada was perhaps the zenith of my Imagica experience.

The early evening sights were quite beautiful, shame I could not get a better picture.

Decided to try the last few remaining rides.

The Mambo Chai Chama looked like an ordinary carousel with rotating cups. But with four strong hands turning the manual wheel, we managed to spin the cup like a frenzied testing device at NASA. Maybe we hit a few g forces. Time to go to the International space station next.

Mr India the Ride was one of the better experiences in the park. Set up in a 4D scenario with dynamic and sudden movements, it was quite fun. To not spoil the experience for the reader, I will not get into the details of this. I shall just say that it was a fun ride, especially if you are acquainted with Mr. India and Mogambo. I do not know who designed this ride but kudos and respect go to him/her.

With all rides done for the day, I strolled around with a few friends. The park's real beauty comes out with its lights in the night. It feels like a river of magic, fireflies and pixie dust. Something straight out of an Enid Blyton fable.

Remember when I mentioned that the real beauty comes out at night time. 

My pictures may not be the best but I do think that I have captured a few fine shots. There was an atmosphere of an enchanted carnival in the air and the visuals. This view alone makes the journey to Imagica worthy.

Well, t'was time for dinner and the last stop of my Imagica journey was at Imagica Capital.

This staircase lead me to the Capital at the top of the hillock. Quite a charming path I reckon. Felt a bit like those Japanese shrine staircases with radiant spirits floating in the air.

The grand citadel that I saw from the distance in the morning finally stood in front of me. This was Imagica Capital, the largest restaurant in the property.

There was even a small stage inside, where all the Imagica characters from the parades danced one by one. Roberto, Mogambo, Snow white and the dwarves, Cinderella and finally an Elephant who seemed to be the most popular one in the lot. Lets say, that this was truly an Imagical experience. Dinner followed shortly.

Some of the grub at the Dinner buffet. 

I was not very hungry on the account of stuffing myself throughout the day. But that didn't stop me from sampling things in bites and going all paparazzo over the platter. I made the dessert myself at the end using syrups over a scoop of vanilla. Me dessert stomach ensured that I ate the dessert heartily.

That brings me to the end of my Imagica journey. It was a fun day and a memorable experience. I thought of the good times as I walked towards the exit. But not before capturing this near the exit. I think its a nice way to mark an end to the Imagica voyage.

Well it was back to the bus and two hours to home. However, the memories will remain. It was quite a cool way to kick start the Winter.

On the way back, I tinkered around with the Seatrr App. It was a long way to home and a fun time to test things. Inside the app, I can either set my neighborhood manually or use GPS to set it. And then I can hunt for my favorite dishes. This is certainly easier than hunting restaurants and then checking whether the said restaurant has my thing or not. That can be quite tiring and annoying. Seatrr makes the whole process simple and easy. So when I checked for Cheesecakes in my neighborhood, I got five hits.

This was quite surprising since I only knew three of those five places. Seatrr located two more places which I had not known before. I knew about the existence of those places but I had not imagined that they served cheesecakes. Since this app relies on community based reviews, one could use their Google+ or Facebook account to log into the app and review the dishes in the restaurants. This would help future lost souls find their favorite grub.The App is decent but does have some minor issues that can be ironed out. But hey, its a fun try. Currently, this App is only available in India.

It was an eventful day and I was tired. I fell asleep as soon as I reached home. Some day in the future, I will open my blog and I will read this entry. And, I will probably re-live the experience again. This entry will probably store some magic from my Imagical journey.

"The Captain will continue sailing on the seas for more sights and adventure. Until next time."

 Score : 10/10

You can book your Imagica journey here,

Saturday 19 December 2015

Asado, The Cocktail Street - Bandra West, Mumbai

This was it, the last mark on this map. We had visited every other mark but this and it was time to find out what this be. Rumour had it, that it be a dim lit Tavern. Aye, those be me favorite. The night sky looked beautiful as me ship sailed near the coast. The first winds of the winter brought in much relief from the hot voyages of the past. And it boosted me spirit of adventure.

This region had no beaches nor a port. It was difficult to even row in with a dinghy since steep cliffs dotted the coast. But a good sailor does not fear such trivialities. We neared a cliff and I yelled to the lads. "Who is up for a climb to get some Rum?" Good Poseidon, it was going to be a large landing(or climbing) party.

Asado meaning "Roast" in Spanish is a place for both roasts and toasts. Evolving from its earlier avatar of "Asado, The Latin Grill", its now known as "Asado, The Cocktail street." Nestled in the popular food district of Bandra west, the place feels like an ideal choice for a sinful evening binge. Dim lit with loud DJ music, Asado comes off as a typical lounge-bar initially. However unlike most lounge bars, the establishment also offers decent grub in the form of popular Mexican delights. I suppose that stems from the legacy of its earlier incarnation.

Being a part of the Balu Hospitality group, Asado has a great cocktail culture. There is a lot of creativity and inventiveness. And one gets to see a lot of designer cocktails that are otherwise a rare sight in India.

Tiki Mexicana was served in a container shaped like a Texan cowboy hat. The visual elements definitely were in there. The taste was a mix of sweet and citrus sour. This cocktail was made of Rum, orange juice and probably some vodka and gin. The cocktail had a light potency but its sweet tangy flavor was quite addicting and it ensured that every last drop had been drained. This little western adventure would put all hat sippers to shame.

Captain : So this is how a cowboy's brain tastes like. 

Crewmate : What are we? Zombie Pirates? No grotesque comparisons Cappy.

Captain : Do you feel like not having yer drink lad? :D

House of Eden was quite the tease for a pirate fanatic like myself. Fashioned as a seventeenth century Spanish treasure chest with the Kraken's tentacles on it, this one was definitely a chest of surprises. This cocktail employed the popular mix of Rum, Vodka and perhaps a hint of Tequila in it along with some coconut. The flavor mimicked the sweet bounty chocolates.

Captain : We found Treasure lad. Treasure. :D

Crewmate : But it just be Rum Cappy. :|

Captain : That be one of the best treasures on the high sea. :D

Barren Island was served in a cup reminiscent of the fabled holy grail. Alas, this mix gave me no superpowers, immortality or insight into God. The flavor was nice but seemed to mimic Tiki Mexicana a bit too much. This wasn't a bad thing since I loved the Mexicana but I was expecting something else.

Pine cup was my favorite among the offerings. Made of Dark and Gold rum along with some pineapple juice, this drink offered a sweet and spunky sour flavor. The potency was mild but the drink made good use of the rums. I felt as if I was sitting in the lower storage deck of an old Spanish caravel rocking in the deep seas. Nothing but candle light to offer me a view and surrounded by oak barrels full of rum. Ah adventure.

Skittle shots were fruit flavored candied shots in test tubes served in a fish bowl full of dry ice. These were quite the addicting sweet drinks that went by in a quick gulp. Methinks that I would have enjoyed this as a complete drink more than as a short shot.

Zinger Cocktails was a live demonstration for the patrons. A flaming concoction is slowly poured into a mixture of liquor and some herbs. Then one must inhale the vapors of the flaming concoction(after the flame is out) before taking a sip of the mixture. It is said that the true flavor of the mixture can only be felt after inhaling a wisp of the alcoholic smoke.  This is true as the flavor does change with the sniff. Despite the theatrics, both the flavors of this drink did not appeal to me. The greens felt out of place in the mixture and it tasted much like some kind of a salad beer.

Captain : The visuals were great but somehow smokin alcohol is not me idea of fun.

Crewmate : It be a, strange sensation.

Captain : The liquor belongs to me belly not lungs.

Drinks done, it was time to move on to the grub. The grub had no fixed course order with dishes from both mains and appetizers being served simultaneously.

Truffle Soup literally looked like grub initially. Despite having an acceptable truffle flavor with lots of cream, its meager quantity on a flat bowl was a turnoff. This one also needs work on its visuals for obvious reasons.

Caramelized pork belly was a dish full of vibrant flavors. The meat was cooked just right with the Belgian pork belly being neither too soft and neither too chewy. The caramel sauce had permeated into the deepest recesses of the meat. Each bite was full of sweet, slightly tangy and a wee bit savory flavor. An addition of charred pineapple added to the sweetness. Its presentation was quite appealing too. Was a much better pork belly when compared to the thing I had at Ellipsis. It felt like a true fine dine preparation.

Captain : This be quite the flavorful one.

Crewmate : *Stares at the Captain* 

Captain : Whats wrong lad?

Crewmate : I ain't getting distracted, you will end up eating the whole pork belly yerself.

Captain : What pork belly?

Crewmate : *Looks at the plate* Hey where did the pork belly go, I was lookin' at you the entire time.

Captain : Sea Magic lad ;)

Lavastone Grill - Though I could not taste this one, I liked the concept behind it. Patrons can choose their sides, sauces and their proteins(Squid in this one). Its cooked and served on a black slab which resembles volcanic granite hence the name.

Tex - Mex Loaded Potato skin is a popular vegetarian preparation in the famous red American state. These baked skins were topped with corn, asparagus, olive, tomatoes and cheese. This made a great snack.

Mexican bean and Cheese taco was a passable affair. There were far too many beans within it and the flavor was very one dimensional. The visuals were not entirely pleasing either.

Four Mushroom Truffle Fettuccine was a champion amongst vegetarian dishes. It was made with a mix of Truffle, Shitake, Oyster and button mushrooms wrapped in cream and Parmesan. The dish was visibly enticing (excuse my bad pictures), aromatically pleasing and mesmerizing on the tongue. The taste was salty and each mushroom added its own flavorful depth to the mix. The dish felt like a house specialty and one that must be tried.

Kataifi Prawns were deep fried prawns covered with Kataifi pastry. It was artistically presented and was perhaps the looker of the night. The prawns were crunchy, full of flavor and well cooked. The pastry however seemed to add no flavor depth being just a visual booster for the dish.

Vegetable Taco Salad was simply a salad served in a cup fashioned out of Tortillas. However, the simple construction worked in its favor. The salad was good and breaking off cup bits seemed to be quite a pleasant dinner activity.

Chicken Enchiladas were acceptable. The chicken and the elements worked well except for the fact that there were too many beans in this dish. The beans kind of took over the flavor and overshadowed everything else. I tried my best to reduce the bean content manually but it does get old after some time.

Seafood Paella - This Valencian delicacy with genuine Spanish Bomba rice was cooked in a saffron broth and was full of powerful flavors. The addition of prawns seemed like a post work thing but the dish was still playful and flavorsome. Continental Spanish food can be fun. Its remarkably different from "Mexican" food.

BBQ Chicken Flatbread - This was an interesting flatbread variant of my favorite BBQ Chicken pizza. Flatbreads and square pizzas are fast replacing the pizza craze. It was loaded with Chicken and generously drizzled with BBQ Sauce. The aroma was quite appetizing too and this dish was gone off the plate in seconds. Though this was an odd choice in a Latin themed restaurant, it was one of the best things on offering.

Tres Leches and a Banana flavored cake(could not get a picture) were served as desserts. While, I'd say that the Tres Leches was a six on ten, the banana cake was a winner. Shame I could not get a picture for it since it was attacked by hungry fellas on me table before one could say cake.

The service was decent since there were fresh plates and loaded dishes on the table at all times. One must also compliment the bar keeping staff for the exotic cocktails they whip up. The theatrics require time, training and patience. And it makes up a good experience for the patron.

The pricing seems to be slightly higher than most pubs in Mumbai. While the pricing feels justified in case of some excellent preparations. It might feel the opposite for a few others. I guess it varies from experience to experience.

Though the food and drinks both were equally great at Asado, I really am going to remember the place for their drinks. One could after all have Tacos, Quesadillas and Enchiladas at other places but some of those cocktails seemed unique and exotic.

The Captain's Score : 8/10

"Yer bellies be full of Rum, Absinthe and meat. We shall sleep in the ship by the coast tonight. And tomorrow will be a new day on the sea."

Map Co-Ordinates
Asado - The Cocktail Street
Manorama Chambers, SV Road, 
Bandra Talao,
Bandra West, Mumbai.

-I was invited to a cocktail preview by Restaurants PR. The review however is neutral and without bias.-

Asado - The Cocktail Street Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato