Friday 26 September 2014

Welcome to the grubzone, the food is out there.

The world is full of culinary delights. It is truly an ocean peppered with tasty isles of food. I am on board a ship around the world visiting these fine places with much expectations and a sense of foodventure. What the world hath, no one knows. And that is the point of these journeys.

Grub meaning food in an informal sense is a perfect word to describe this blog. Grubzone is where I will either reminisce or ramble about places of food. Since I visualize all my journeys as a voyage across the vast infinity, this will be no different.

From Luxury restaurants to street side stalls, there is fine food waiting to be found. And thus starts the journey of Captain Rishabh on board the SS Grubzone. In search of the finest food, all aboard and Bon Voyage!

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