Wednesday, 30 September 2015

First Anniversary and Grubzone Expansion

It was just another afternoon on September the 25th,2014 that Grubzone came into existence. The choice to make this blog was on a strong whim and it was a great decision. For the past year, The Captain and his crew went all over Mumbai to discover some of the finest food places in Maximum city. I am extremely happy to announce that Grubzone has successfully sailed the seas of adventure for a year now. But visiting a new place is an adventure on its own so tis' Captain has decided that he shall chronicle his travels too in his journal.

Grubzone will now be a Food and Travel Blog. Expect some posts regarding my trip to Sri Lanka to appear really soon.

A little Teaser for ya mateys - This is a Sri Lankan Beach at sunset.

I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog till now. I have got a huge number of views from The US, India, Brunei, France, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Ukraine and Ireland.(in that order)
So I would like to add a special extra bit of Thanks to readers from these places :)

Your views, occasional comments, criticisms, praises and mails have kept me going. From my first post to my last post, each article has been new experience for me. I hope you keep reading and sailing on board SS Grubzone. This ship will keep sailing.

Here is to many more restaurants and places around the world.

Captain : Bow you dim lads.

Crewmate 1 : To whom Cappy?

First Mate : I see no one mate?

Quartermaster : Are you feeling all right Captain?

Crewmate : Just do it or he will make us sweep the decks again.

Engineer : This is so very strange.

Captain : Just do it fellas, no questions asked - its for good luck.

First Mate : Oh its a lucky ritual then? Why didn't ya say so in the first place mate.

(Captain and Crew bows to you the reader)

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  1. That's awesome. Congratulations on your year's milestone.


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