Wednesday 30 September 2015

First Anniversary and Grubzone Expansion

It was just another afternoon on September the 25th,2014 that Grubzone came into existence. The choice to make this blog was on a strong whim and it was a great decision. For the past year, The Captain and his crew went all over Mumbai to discover some of the finest food places in Maximum city. I am extremely happy to announce that Grubzone has successfully sailed the seas of adventure for a year now. But visiting a new place is an adventure on its own so tis' Captain has decided that he shall chronicle his travels too in his journal.

Grubzone will now be a Food and Travel Blog. Expect some posts regarding my trip to Sri Lanka to appear really soon.

A little Teaser for ya mateys - This is a Sri Lankan Beach at sunset.

I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog till now. I have got a huge number of views from The US, India, Brunei, France, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Ukraine and Ireland.(in that order)
So I would like to add a special extra bit of Thanks to readers from these places :)

Your views, occasional comments, criticisms, praises and mails have kept me going. From my first post to my last post, each article has been new experience for me. I hope you keep reading and sailing on board SS Grubzone. This ship will keep sailing.

Here is to many more restaurants and places around the world.

Captain : Bow you dim lads.

Crewmate 1 : To whom Cappy?

First Mate : I see no one mate?

Quartermaster : Are you feeling all right Captain?

Crewmate : Just do it or he will make us sweep the decks again.

Engineer : This is so very strange.

Captain : Just do it fellas, no questions asked - its for good luck.

First Mate : Oh its a lucky ritual then? Why didn't ya say so in the first place mate.

(Captain and Crew bows to you the reader)

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  1. That's awesome. Congratulations on your year's milestone.


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