Thursday 4 June 2015

Indigo Delicatessen - Colaba, Mumbai

We approached popular parts of the Arabian sea as me ship sailed towards the Gateway of India. My first mate reminded me that docking here would be very expensive and that our trip better be worth the effort. Seeing some of the most iconic grub houses on this island could be overwhelming. Me crew was at odds when we all chose different restaurants for the afternoon. So we decided to settle our choices in a mature manly way - through a game of rock, paper and scissors. Scissors I yelled, as me first mate and quartermaster held out a paper. Winner chooses the restaurant. Huzzah.

Indigo Deli is one of the popular cafe chains across Mumbai and is well known to serve food for the gourmands. This was my first time in their Colaba outlet. Facing other giants like The Table, Pizza Express and Carter's Blue, Indigo was my choice after much deliberation.

This outlet is located on a popular corner facing some of Mumbai's greatest attractions like the Taj Hotel and the Gateway of India. Its often frequented by celebs, expats, tourists and chat frenzy teenagers. The decor feels very vintage. Its probably the heritage exterior rubbing inside as well. The side with the windows appears very much like a colonial canteen while the large wine rack is reminiscent of a wine cellar with a ladder to boot. Though, I do assume that the ladder is rarely used.

This place is more of a restaurant than a cafe due to its size. And it does some justice to the word 'delicatessen' by selling fine foods in a specialized area under the mezzanine floor. The wooden mezzanine floor leads to a smaller but comfortable area which overlooks the cafe below. I prefer my grub up here as I am a person who loves eating from high places.

I had a built up a ravenous appetite so I needed to have my mains right away. And thus, I ordered for one of my Deli favorites, the Barbecue chicken Pizza. The pizza tasted fine as the gourmet delicacy that it was. The sweet Barbecue sauce had made the chicken chunks really juicy with flavor. The wafer thin crust made it an ultra light pizza which doesn't make one feel heavy.

However, there were two anomalies present as well. Since I have had this item too many times before, I was positive that something was wrong with the cheese content. It felt too less and too different. It used to be similar to Nacho cheese instead of the grated mozzarella like variant used here. 

Here is a link to how it appeared at my Indigo InOrbit experience.

The second problem was that the chicken felt too less in comparison to the previous versions of the same item. This problem seems to apply to a lot of their burgers too. The portion sizes are distinctly smaller while the prices have largely been the same. A compromise on both quality and quantity is a dangerous road to tread upon.

Captain : This Pizza feels very lacking. There is something missing.

Quartermaster : The Cheese, Chicken, Greens....

Captain : Oi, don't make it worse.

First Mate : Well Captain, this was your choice after all.

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake was a complete let down when it comes to Indigo's cheesecakes. This is the first time that I have been disappointed with Indigo's cheesecake in my many trips to their installations. I double checked before placing my order that this was indeed the egg containing baked variant. Sadly, the taste said otherwise. It tasted similar to the unbaked eggless variants that are often trumpeted as Cheesecakes by mass market bakeries. Adding to the pain was the fact that the "compote" tasted like medicine. Having a mass market bakery quality Cheesecake at Indigo's pricing isn't palatable at all.

Captain : This is no Cheesecake.

First Mate : Well mate, again it was your call. We should have gone with my choice.

Quartermaster : I concur.

Captain : Stop rubbing it in, lads.

The service was average for crowded conditions. While the servers were professional with their demeanor, a crowded cafe can often cause longer wait times. 'Often' however doesn't mean 'always'. A good service ensures that bottlenecks do not occur even in rush hours. And if I am to compare, I did feel that the service at their Malad outlet was far better than this outlet.

The prices at Indigo are quite high. They are on par with many fine dining places and sometimes even beyond that. In the past, the experience and the grub always made up for the money spent. I am no penny pincher and I was a regular at their Malad outlet. But the recent quality of food has desecrated the value for money factor greatly.

The Captain's Score : 7/10

"I wonder how much our docking would cost us today. To the ship on the double lads. Until next time."

Map Co-Ordinates

Indigo Delicatessen
5, Ground Floor, Pheroze Building,
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharashi Marg,
Colaba, Mumbai.

-I ate anonymously and paid for my own grub-

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